Rock-a-bye Baby

What is it about sleeping babies that is so magical and tragic all at the same time? It’s minutes that feel like hours putting a usually overtired infant or toddler to sleep because Lord knows they need a nap, and momma seriously needs some peace and quiet. So after ?? minutes worth of rocking and shushing and shaking (because yes… my son thinks he needs shook to sleep) when they finally give in, it’s a relief. Until it’s not.

Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of days when the moment they are down, I’m busying myself with picking up the disaster they have created, or switching up the laundry, or some other type of chore. And there are also days where I am down and out and fast asleep as soon as I hear them start that deep breathing for a rare nap of my own.

I’m referring to the other days in between those where I can’t seem to put them down fast enough, and then instantly I am missing them. I sit and watch them sleep and my heart almost bursts out of my chest with so much love and adoration. And I can’t help but peek in and check to make sure they’re still snoozing every 15 minutes or so because heaven forbid they lay awake without me immediately picking them up.

The sleep habits in the Rahmann house are not ideal. When we first bring our littles home from the hospital, we use the most amazing bassinet ever created (Fisher-Price Rock N Play) for the first few months. Both of my babies have had reflux issues from day one, so the incline that the rock n play offers is perfect. Plus it hugs them nice and close, and for Heston we even splurged on the self-rocking one, which he loved. Then once they start being able to move around more the rock n play becomes somewhat unsafe (usually around 4 months or so). That’s when the sleep situation becomes a mystery that needs solved. What is the best solution? For us, so far that answer is bed sharing.

This is the point where my mom gets super annoyed with me because she thinks I just need to put my baby in their crib in their own room and let them adjust and learn how to sleep there. And honestly, she might be right. But the minute I consider laying my baby down and walking away and leaving him there for hours at a time, my anxiety kicks in to overdrive. Not to mention, a baby in the bedroom down the hall makes for a much more difficult middle of the night nursing session (or three). Selfish? Yes. Very.

I’m not here to give anyone baby sleep advice! I’m not qualified for any of that. But what I am here to say is… do what feels best for you and your babe. Do what you think will get you and baby the best sleep while also staying 100% safe. Do what your instincts tell you will work. And don’t judge someone else on their method of doing things. Chances are, they’re just doing what works for them too.

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