Blogs for dayssss…

They really need to come up with an app that will telepathically take the blog post I write while showering and upload it to my blog for me. Really, that’s what I need! In the shower, I am so witty and smart, and I really do “say” things (to myself?!) that are somewhat important and could be of substance to others as well.

Since I’m quite sure that there are no app developers out there capable of creating something like this, I’m going to just have to make a better effort to REMEMBER what I said to myself in the shower, and then actually TYPE it out myself to share.

Maybe what I need is a personal assistant. Or really, what I need is a live-in maid. One that follows my husband around the house picking up empty pop cans and beef jerky wrappers, stray socks and High Plains Journals that seem to plague my house. Also, it would be great if she could put away laundry. I have no problems DOING the laundry… it is all clean. And neatly folded. On the couch. Where it will stay until I either put it away (not likely during the week) OR we wear the items and they go back into the dirty laundry. It’s a viscous cycle.

Also, it would be great if this maid could have supper ready when I get home each night. My standards are low. It doesn’t have to be a four course meal. In fact, I’d prefer a meatloaf and mashed potatoes over some fancy schmancy crap anyway. Just some good ol’ hearty food to feed the fam.

I guess in reality this maid/chef really does exist. Her name is Reba, and she just so happens to be my grandma! The only problem is that she lives two states away with my grandpa and does all these things for him instead of me! Darn.

Well, looks like I’m S-O-L this time. Better get started on this laundry pile…

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