Daddy’s Girl

What is it with girls and their daddies? That special “Daddy’s girl” bond that magically happens. How does it happen? Is it bred into them? Like the baby girl pops out and sees her dad and then *BOOM* she’s magically in love and no one else really matters?


I just don’t get it. Here I am… the mom who carried my sweet little darling girl for nine (OK really 10!) long months. Suffered through the heartburn, sleepless nights, swollen legs and feet. Stretched and ballooned to make room for her chunky 8 lbs. 8 oz. of fluff (plus the other 30 lbs of “baby weight”). Sacrificed my hair, got rid of all of my glorious shoes that are now too small… Gave up SO MUCH. All before that sweet little princess even breathed her first breath!

And then labor. Oh goodness… I know why they call it LABOR! Hours of unnatural, Pitocin induced, never ending contractions, followed by four – YES I SAID FOUR!!! – hours of pushing. Four. Hours. Of. Pushing. If you have never had a baby, you don’t understand. You will, someday, but you don’t yet. But four hours of pushing, breathing, grunting, turning sideways, and pushing more. It ain’t pretty. And then, that RING OF FIRE. Ya know… the one that the epidural was supposed to prevent me from feeling?!?!? HA! Apparently after four hours of legs in the air and pushing, epidural means VERY little. Even after working so hard to bring her into this world, she prefers her dad.

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Then there is her dad. Who is a pretty great guy, I’ll admit. I mean, I didn’t marry him for his money 😉 . And yeah, he’s kinda funny and tells good jokes. And maybe he makes a great pillow and gives the best cuddles. But really… is he really that great?! I mean… can he FEED you from his body? Can he change your poop explosions and wash off your booty (ok so maybe he CAN, but DOES he?!). Does he take you to daycare each day to play with your friends? Or wake up in the middle of the night (sometimes WAY too many times!!) to give you whatever little thing you need? Does he do these things?? Does he!? No. He works late to provide for our family. And then he walks into the house right before supper and brings with him all that magic. The magic that makes him the best thing ever.

I just don’t understand that whole “daddy’s girl” thing…

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OH WAIT!!!!!! Yes, I do!

P.S. Anyone know how much it costs to choose the sex of my next babe? I need a momma’s boy!

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