My front porch view


Not too shabby huh? I can’t say enough how grateful I am to have the opportunity to raise my babies on a farm. I can’t wait to teach them about animals and watch their daddy teach them about crops and the land. We’ll give them chores to do and show them how hard work pays off. We’ll help them fall in love with the amazing sunrises and sunsets, but still appreciate the beauty of a good rain cloud. We’ll show them first hand how to take proper care of raising a baby calf and then teach them an important life lesson when the circle of life rolls around and we have steak for supper. So many wonderful things in store for my family!

Having a corn farmer for a husband has its pros and cons. It means that I’m practically a single mom from March through October. It means that if I want a date with my man, I may have to settle for an eight inch wide seat and a nose and mouth full of dust. Or if I want him to accompany me on a trip to anywhere, I will have to wait until we get a good rain first. It also means I get some of the freshest sweet corn possible every summer! And an evening sunset cruise to check the progress of a crop south of the house. I’ll never need to call a handy man! My hubby has every tool ever made for any job I might have… (Too bad he won’t have time to do the job until “tomorrow” 😉)

I wouldn’t trade my front porch view for anything. Because when I look out at this view, I see everything that has been, that is, and that will be for me and my family, and I can’t imagine anything that would make it better! (Unless of course we could just erase the entire state of Kansas so my parents were just an hour or two away. Then maybe it would be just completely perfect! Ha!)

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