Seven months postpartum

I started to title this post “The evolution of my breasts” but then decided maybe that was a little forward. If you are a mom, you MIGHT understand where I’m coming from. I say might because there are plenty of moms out there who have their pre-baby bodies back by 8 weeks. If this is you… Congrats! I am happy for you to be wearing your pre-baby jeans. Impressed by your lack of stretch marks. Ecstatic that you’re back to your sharp-minded, on-time old self. I truly am happy for you!

But being happy for you doesn’t make my insecurities go away. It doesn’t make my 15 lbs of baby weight on top of the extra fluff I was already sporting melt off. Not even with the excessive breastfeeding and pumping. It doesn’t make the stretch marks fade. It doesn’t make my sleep deprived baby brain work better or give me more energy. The struggle is REAL!

I know it’s all worth it. I would do every single bit of it a hundred thousand times over to have my sweet baby G. One look at this face…  

I’d weigh 400 lbs and have stretch marks on my face if that’s what it would take to be her momma. SHE makes me beautiful!

How is it possible to feel SO not yourself and so tired and so undesirable and yet SO loved and SO needed and SO blessed?! I truly believe the Lord puts us in the right places with the right people at the right time. How else would we survive?
P.S. Good thing I changed the title from that boob topic. I barely even referenced them! I’ll save the comment I wanted to make for another post. Check back soon 😉

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