Top 5 Baby Gear Obsessions

So in an attempt to create blog posts that are somewhat less personal and somewhat more inclined to make me money someday, here’s a totally unbiased post on my most favorite baby products. NO ONE is paying me to say any of this because really I am just another mom. So you really can trust me when I say these products are awesome!

I have been a mom for a little over seven months now to this sweet babe…

My sweet little baby bean!
My sweet little baby bean!

Since there are a million baby products out there and I could potentially do a review on about 100 at least, but in an effort to save time, I’m doing my TOP 5 CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT LIST. In no particular order…

  1. Aden and Anais Bamboo Swaddles

These are seriously the best swaddles ever. A&A makes a TON of amazing products that I seriously LOVE, but these swaddles blankets are my all time faves. We never go anywhere without one. She was wrapped in them from the moment she got home from the hospital, and now at 7 months she still takes one to daycare with her every day. They have served as a spit rag (TOO many times to count!) and a nursing cover too. They aren’t cheap ($50ish for set of 3) but they are well worth it if you ask me.

2. Fisher-Price Rock N Play


This wonderful bassinet type device served as G’s primary sleeping place for the first 3-4 months or so, until she outgrew it. We struggled with reflux problems for the first few months, and this rock n play chair was seriously our SAVIOR!! It’s perfectly inclined so she was comfortable, it rocks with very little effort (and they even make one now that rocks automatically!!) and the rounded edges keep them safe from falling out or rolling over too much. It also folds up super easily, and the cover can be removed and washed. Who needs that $800 crib when you can have a $40 rock n play?!

3. Aveeno Baby Soap


As much as I love the smell of good ol’ Johnsons baby soap, it didn’t take us long to realize how sensitive a baby’s skin can be. G had a touch of some eczema/heat rash going on after the first few weeks, so we decided to try Aveeno products. We used the Soothing Relief line (dark blue) and it worked WONDERS on her sweet cheeks. It made us both so happy to have soft, smooth, healthy baby skin again! YAY!

4. Ergo Baby Carrier (with newborn insert)


OK I have to admit, we didn’t use this carrier much at first… NOT because I didn’t want to, but because my mommy brain was SO broken I couldn’t figure out how to put the darn thing on by myself. I’m a little embarrassed to say I watched more than one how-to youtube video before I FINALLY figured out the straps slide up so if you have short arms (or short everything like me…) then you can reach it easier. I can’t say much about the insert because by the time I figured the carrier out, G was too big to need the insert. BUT I think it is definitely necessary if you want to use the carrier for tiny babies. We did use a wrap some in the early days (Boba wrap) BUT if you’re looking for a carrier that will last you a while, I would suggest this one! I do have a little bit of buyers remorse for not spending the extra $20 and getting the Ergo 360 that allows the baby to forward face. I know it’s better for them to face in when it comes to the hip issue that is important when using carriers, but there was a time when Grace only wanted to face OUT and see what is going on around her! Now she’s totally happy to be carried at all instead of just being dumped on the floor in the living room surrounded by toys with Mickey Mouse blaring while I cook supper. 🙂

5. Saranoni Bamboni Blanket

41XS5JJQOEL._SX466_This blanket is my guilty pleasure. If there was one thing I had WAY too much of as baby gifts, it was blankets! We got about a million given to us, and I still bought more swaddles (See #1 above) and Saranonis because I only liked these two! (Sidenote: if you need about 1,382,146 baby blankets, I have a whole tub of unused ones available!) ANYWAY… I stumbled on these through a miracle. I was in the local baby store in Kearney called Suite Child and saw a Saranoni lush blanket that I really liked. It was pretty pricey, and they didn’t have a color that I loved in store so I decided to go home and see what was on the Saranoni website. That’s when I found this sweet perfection of a blanket called the Bamboni! It was cheaper than the lush line, and I thought it looked cute so I ordered Grace a receiving sized one.

So these are my MUST HAVES for sure. Check back soon and maybe I’ll post about my new obsessions for a 6+ month old.

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