Life = Crazy chaos!

I thought I had submitted this post last week, but realized today that I had only saved the draft. Oops! Sorry a little delayed, but here it is…

I have thought about making a post for DAYS now, but when in the world do I ever have time to actually write one out?! NEVER! Seriously! If blog posts could be written and submitted subconsciously without having to sit down and write the post manually, I would have at least 6 or 7 posts since last week.

My 6 month old has been under the weather lately. She’s the happiest baby, and very rarely cries. The only way I can tell if she isn’t feeling well is if she gets so congested and turns in to a mouth breather. That whole mouth breathing noise DRIVES. ME. NUTS! I hate it. So of course I do what all moms do and start with the saline spray and nose sucking.

The definition of the term
The definition of the term “snot-nosed kid”!

As you can see here, the runny nose and drooling was a little out of control. Not your best look, G. After a couple days at home, I thought she seemed to be improving and the river of snot had turned into more of a creek, so I didn’t hesitate to load her up and take her to Omaha for a weekend trip with my parents. I was more than excited to cash in on my birthday present (LASIK!), and I wasn’t concerned as much about my snot-nosed kid as I probably should have been.

First road trip in the new car seat! We love it!
First road trip in the new car seat! We love it!
Last selfie with glasses!
Last selfie with glasses!
Post LASIK goggles... attractive!
Post LASIK goggles… attractive!

My parents are seriously the best ever! Not only did they pay for my surgery, but they also drove to NE to take me to Omaha for two days AND help take care of G while I was resting. Like I said.. the BEST!

Supper on the patio in downtown Omaha with Papa and Grandma!
Supper on the patio in downtown Omaha with Papa and Grandma!

It’s hard to put into words how precious the gift of sight is. I mean, obviously I could see just fine with contacts or glasses before surgery. But it’s like a new freedom being able to just open my eyes and see! Especially with a sick baby at 2, 3, and 4 a.m. I can’t even begin to tell you how awesome it is!


We rounded out the weekend with Grace’s first steak at Clint’s Tavern. Yummy! Have you ever seen a baby suck on a steak before? 🙂

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