A new baby cousin!

Well I’ve been THINKING about making another post all weekend, so that sort of counts towards not totally blowing off this blog yet, right?! ha! I kept going back and forth trying to decide if I wanted to start from the beginning, tell my story, how I got to this point in my life, background info, blah blah blah; OR if I wanted to just jump in, start posting and let the background info fill in as we go.

I voted and since I’m the only voter, choice number two won! This past weekend my husband Bryson, my daughter Grace and I made a quick trip down to Oklahoma to stay with my parents and visit my family. We had a new baby cousin to meet, and boy oh boy is she precious!

Uncle Tyson and his better half Kaci
All buckled in and ready to start the 6 hour drive!
Great Grandma Reba and Grace
My aunt Jaci with Oaklee and my mom June with Grace
LtoR: Youngest brother Kyle, mom June, daughter Grace, dad Greg, hubby Bryson, me (extra fluffy in the pink dress), middle brother Tyson, and Ty’s girlfriend Kaci.
Sweet Oaklee Lyn, we love you SO!
Cousins! Twinkies!
Sweet little church girls

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