The beginning of something!

I’ve always considered starting my own blog. I’m an avid blog reader myself, and I enjoy writing so it just kind of made sense to me. Going back to my college days I even created accounts and made a post or two, but I never stuck with it. Mostly because I didn’t feel like I had a REAL topic to continue writing about; one that I would have content to post for every day, or close to it. A topic that people would really care to even read about.

BUT yesterday my Aunt Jill sent me a text encouraging me to share my story in a blog, and BAM that’s all it took. So here I am again, creating another new account and investing the time to start this blog. My intention is that Life of a Corn Farmer’s Wife will be an outlet for me to share my opinions on the things I’m passionate about in life (motherhood, marriage, agriculture, Christianity, OSU Cowboys, shoes and much more!). So if you’re interested in hearing about any of the things a good ol’ country gal like myself has to say, stick around!


  1. Holly Grandma & Grandpa Loves reading your posts!!! You are the best corn farmers wife I know and we are very Proud of you!!! Keep writing. Love you!


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